Moonrise Icon Pack


An elegant set of wallpapers and icons


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Moonrise Icon Pack is a Material Design-inspired icon set that lets you apply a consistent new look throughout your Android operating system. It also features more than 20 different wallpapers that match the icons.

Moonrise Icon Pack includes an enormous number of icons. As of now, there are 450+, with more are being added with each new update. Apart from that, you can even request icons for your installed apps right from the Moonrise Icon Pack app.

You'll find icons for Amazon, Twitter, VLC, Hearthstone, Evernote, SwiftKey, Minecraft, and Firefox, among many others. It even has a bunch of different options for the most common Android apps, such as the gallery and the camera.

Moonrise Icon Pack is an excellent icon pack with hundreds of high-quality icons to give your Android a brilliant new look.

Requires Android 4.1 or higher

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